Bite sized chunks of learning of 2-3 hours in duration increase access to personal development for busy people who can't afford to spend a day or two away from their desk.

BSTMS Learning Bites incorporate all the rigour of our traditional workshops and programmes. Learning Bites are structured, purposeful, actionable and knowledge-based input sessions on a range of management and people development related topics.

Served-up as single sessions of 2-3 hour duration with up to 12 attendees costs from as little as 100 GBP per head or choose from a menu of 'bite-sized' sessions to create your own whole day to increase knowledge, provide new tools and techniques and refresh peoples' thirst for learning. For example choose 'Be a Better Manager' as a starter, 'Managing Change' as the entree and 'Managing Remote Relationships' as dessert. The participants can then attend all three Learning Bites or choose to attend just one or two. It really can be a pick and mix learning feast.

Learning Bites from BSTMS make learning and development more accessible for individuals because they can be configured and scheduled at times which suit your people and their work commitments

Learning Bites can form part of a blended training and development package for staff and above all are cost effective and therefore fill a niche until now left neglected and unfulfilled by traditional training workshops and programmes. 

Please contact us via email at or telephone +44 (0)20 8780 0805 to discuss your requirements.

Learning Bites for Managers and Leaders

2-Minute People Management
Be a Better Manager
Coaching for Managers
Delegation Skills
Managing Change for Managers
Managing Conflict

Learning Bites for Personal Effectiveness

Coaching Moments for Employees
Communication Skills
Creative Problem Solving
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Influencing Skills
Listening Skills
Managing Change for Employees
Presenting in Meetings
Running Meetings
Time & Priority Management
Working in Teams